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Hello World!

by Atif Azad

You might have guessed that I’m going to introduce you to a programming language and we’ll write our first program to print ‘Hello World!’

‘Hello World’ must be the most frequent phrase in programmers’ community as every other book, every other tutorial, every other reference guide has the first page describing how to say ‘Hello World!’ in that programming language.

I want to welcome you (every one from the world) and say ‘Hello there! Welcome to my website atifazad.com’.

Being a programmer, I uphold that tradition and I bring no exception to it therefore my first post is also a ‘Hello World’ post. Still, I make an exception that the main purpose of this post is not to explain how to write Hello World in a particular language!

I want to welcome you (every one from the world) and say ‘Hello there! Welcome to my website atifazad.com’. This is primarily a website related to programming and you’ll find interesting and useful topics here.

To stay aligned with my community, I’ll conclude this post by showing you how to write ‘Hello World’ in several languages and popular frameworks. I hope this will serve the purpose of some of the visitors to this page :p

Express js

Thanks for visiting my site. Please check some of the other articles. Links to two of the tutorials are below:

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