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Work life in Coeus Solutions

by Atif Azad
(Courtesy: All photos / videos in this post belong to Coeus Event Society)

I joined Coeus Solutions Lahore in April 2012. Since then I have worked there in a number of teams, with many colleagues. I have the honour of working under the supervision of highly professional and skilled leads. And I am also humbly honoured to have lead the teams of senior and mid-senior devs. We have achieved together a number of career milestones. During this 8 years journey, there are some who are still with us and there are some who have left us in pursuit of their next career goals. But what matters is we all have good memories together working as part of this great team!

I am Coeus

I am Coeus.

Posted by Coeus Event Society on Monday, June 15, 2015
The ‘I am Coeus’ revolution 😍

Today, I don’t want to recount my personal achievements but I want to write some words of gratitude to this growing organisation and a great team 🙂

The recruitment process

To me, the recruitment (especially interviewing) process of a company plays a vital role in making its first impression. When I joined Coeus, the interviewing process was still evolving. Yet it was good enough for me to take an idea of the quality of work the team was producing. Although it was an easy decision to join the company but I appreciate the then HR Manager (Bilal Iqbal) for his nice approach to convince me to join the company.

Over the time, Coeus Solutions has evolved its interviewing and hiring criteria. Without doubts, it has one of the most comprehensive and challenging interviewing process in software engineering market in Lahore. I will not do justice if I don’t mention here the efforts of Zaki Shaheen (now in Facebook). He greatly improved the process being the Head of Engineering till mid 2015.

As interviews are generally a confidential matter, I can not disclose further details about the interviewing procedure 🤗

The Coeus culture

Teams are composed of people and people have different behaviours which are not always controllable at individual level. A company’s culture plays an important role in the behaviour of its teams. From day-to-day interactions to the specific conflicts management and to the long-lasting friendly relationship among the team members, the overall company culture has a big say.

Coeus Solutions has managed to develop and maintain such a professional, friendly and caring culture that every team member loves it. In our teams, the leads and the managers are not ‘Sirs’ but instead those are ‘Bhai’. This friendly culture in Coeus outclasses the bossy cultures in many other organisations.

In 8 years in Coeus Solutions, I have not seen leg pulling (bullying) incidents. Even if there was such an attempt by an individual, the company culture of being accepting to casual mistakes made such attempts insignificant.

A team of Senior developers

One of the parameters to measure a company’s success is how long the people stay in that company. Do the people left too soon?

Coeus Solutions is not only successful in retaining its workforce but there is significant number of cases where people left the company and joined it back sooner or later. There is significant number of persons who are with Coeus Solutions for more than 8 years like myself. There is an even bigger number of team members staying in the company for more than 3-5 years.

Having a team of seniors means that there is more knowledge sharing, better learning opportunities especially for the juniors and less experienced ones.

Work quality

I worked in mobile as well as web teams in Coeus Solutions. In all teams we focus in producing good quality code as much as possible and this is made sure with code reviews also.

We have established code review standards with the help of a Code review committee. Here I’d like to appreciate the efforts of Sandor Farkas who was the Tech Lead in Coeus’ partner company Ekomi. He was working closely with Coeus dev teams.

To make sure that the fresh hired team members get aligned with the work approach and technologies being used, there is a comprehensive dev training and onboarding program. When those team members start working on projects, they are already acquainted with the necessary tools and knowledge.

The growth opportunities

Many of the companies behave like opportunists and layoff employees as they see their skills are no more needed in future projects.

In contrast, Coeus Solutions has a really supportive and appreciable approach. The management recognises the contributions of the team members. There are many cases where the team members were given chance to get promoted or switch to a superior/in-demand technology.

For example, a few years ago, a Flash developer was offered to work in another team (as I remember, as frontend engineer). He was excellent in his skill but Flash was vanishing out and wasn’t in high demand.

A data entry operator was offered a position in QA team. He had already worked with teams for years and had good understanding of the work.

And the last example relates to myself. In this period, I have not only got designation-wise promotions and not only I got the chance to lead the teams, I also got the chance to switch to web development from mobile. This was particularly on my own demand rather than change in company’s focus which shows how the company values its team members. (Read why did I make the career shift to web development)

The trips to Europe and other parts of world

Coeus Solutions is a renowned name in Lahore, Pakistan. It also has office in Berlin, Germany where a lead team collaborates closely with the sales team and customers.

It is uncommon in software development companies in Pakistan however Coeus Solutions has over the years sent its team members to Berlin on permanent / long term basis including myself and three more colleagues; Adeel Nawaz, Nazar Hussain (now in Lisk), Mohsin Naeem. Also for a better understanding of business and personal exposure, the company has occasionally sent the managers and the leads to its Berlin office for short-term visits.

The last year company sponsored trips to UAE including conferences and other business related trips!

For me and my family working and living in Berlin is a whole new experience. The thanks definitely goes to Coeus Solutions. Not only for giving this opportunity but also for beyond-the-expectations support and help in settling here.

Here I would like to say a big thanks to Ali Shaheen, the CEO, for giving valuable tips whenever needed related to complicated Berlin life. Julieta Varsano (Ex HR Manager) for helping us out a lot in early months in Berlin). And last but not the least Ahsan Naseem, the COO, who has been really generous in helping all kind of matters 🤩

Coeus Event Society (CES)

Another distinctive (and probably most attractive for many of us) feature of Coeus Solutions is Coeus Event Society.

Well this is very special! From Surprise lunches to game tournaments, from one-day trips to long trips to beautiful areas of Pakistan, from the celebrations of Eids, national days to doing the charities, CES has been very effective and the best thing is that members are not the management team but the volunteers from all teams. CES organises all kind of events in Coeus Solutions and gets a generous budget from company!

Although Berlin team is not as big as the team in Lahore, we have wonderful team events (movies/team dinners/game events) every month and also weekly lunches.

How many companies have such arrangements?

A few highlights from CES events

I am adding only a few highlights from CES events. Visit Coeus Event Society’s Facebook page for more!

Gifts for female colleagues @ Women’s day 2020
Miranji hicking track @ November 2019
Mango Party @ Summers 2019
A day out @ December 2018
Job fair FAST NUCES @ 2017

Summing up

Out of 24 hours a man would sleep on average 6 hours, ~2 hours on average in commuting. Out of the remaining 16 hours, at least 9-10 hours would be spent at work. This time at work is more than the time one would spend awake at home with family. This brings us to the fact that if a work place is not good and if we are not happy at work, it means that we are not enjoying the larger part of our daily life.

In Coeus Solutions, we have a great atmosphere of professional life as well as a friendly culture with a lot of fun activities which makes that bigger part of daily life valuable!

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