Muhammad Atif (Atif Azad)

by Atif Azad

I am a Senior Software Engineer currently living in Berlin, Germany and basically from Pakistan.

Atif Azad

Web app development in Python and Django is what I currently do and data science and machine learning (again using Python) is what I am passionate about and learning these days!

Symfony and Laravel are the other frameworks I’ve gained experience with over past years and this certainly gives you the idea that PHP is the second language I’ve made my hands dirty with.

iOS app development is what I started my career with back in 2010 till 2015 and Swift was obviously just introduced at that time so I am an Objective-C guru for that matter. Also, I am planning now develop some cross platform apps using Flutter!

Devops, infrastructure by code is what fascinates me a lot but I’m still at a beginners level with it and is certainly a thing that I want to add to my skillset.

With more than 9 years of experience working hands-on, leading and managing software engineering teams, I’ve also been in teaching role for quite long time.

For networking or for questions, you can reach me at:

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